Tea Hunting & Sourcing

Who Are We?

Hatvala is a wholly Vietnam based company located in Ho Chi Minh City that has been in the business of direct sourcing specialty teas since 2011. Our mission is to discover character teas that are produced responsibly and fairly with regard to the environment and the people involved.

Ngoc with young wild tea tree in Ha Giang

Our sourcing is an ongoing undertaking that involves traveling and meeting with tea makers across the country on a regular basis. Not only do we source teas but we work with our partners to both improve quality of existing products and to develop new ones. Several of our best-selling teas are the results of such collaboration. Being based in country we are able to explore the most remote locations without any pressure to pick new teas if they do not meet our rigid selection criteria – a luxury that is often not open to overseas buyers on a tight schedule.

Although it was not planned when we started our business to unearth the best of Vietnamese tea the profile of our teas is that most are the result of small batch production and many are produced from the leaves of wild tea trees. There are some notable exceptions and our selection criteria continues to focus on the character of the tea, how it is produced and how well we feel we can work with the tea maker in a relationship of mutual trust and co-operation. Each factor is equally important in ensuring that we are able to deliver a consistent, ethical, high quality and dependable product to our customers around the world.

How We Can Help?

Geoff taking a travel break

We feel that our major value added as your trusted supplier of Vietnam teas are:

  • We have spent many years travelling thousands of kilometres and sampling countless different teas to bring together a range of exceptional, yet affordable, teas into a single collection;
  • We can offer teas from very small artisan producers that otherwise would never be available on the international stage;
  • We are more than just a trading company and are committed to cooperating with tea-makers to improve the range, quality and consistency of their products;
  • We provide an additional quality gate on all products sold by ensuring complete consistency and performing an additional sifting/ sorting to remove stalks or other unwanted material;
  • We are intimately knowledgeable about our products and are happy to answer any questions that we can;
  • We will always do our best to deliver a level of customer service that is consistent with international expectations.

As well as our retail business we can also offer wholesale terms and already supply teas to overseas online retailers and tea shops. We also supply within Vietnam to a number of hotels, restaurants and cafes. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities please send us message through the contact form.